Birthdays & Small Parties

Your choice of Face Painting, Balloon Twisting, Natural Henna, or waterproof Glitter Tattoos! And if only 15-20 guests will want a design, you can even choose a combo of any 2 options!

Party Pricing:
Auburn / Kent / FW / Covington areas:
2 Hour Event, 1 Artist.......... $225-250
Each additional 1/2 hour................. $60
Renton / Issaquah / Tacoma / Puyallup areas:
2 Hour Event, 1 Artist.......... $250-300
Each additional 1/2 hour................. $60
*All pricing is based on event location.

Twisted Balloon Deliveries

Enjoy a fun filled assortment of pre-made balloon creations for your special event!
These are great as entertainment for the kids,
party favors, or even colorful decorations!
Pre-Made Balloon Options:Custom Balloon Designs.... $5-15
Flowers Balloon Bouquet... $20-40
Custom Balloon Favors....... $5-10 ea
25 Balloon Swords................. $40
50 Balloon Swords................ $65
FREE pickup in the Auburn area,
-or- optional DELIVERY fee.

Large Events & Festivals

Great for when a high volume of people need to be entertained! Lots of choices available to add even more exciting fun to your big event!

Large Event Pricing:
Auburn / Kent / FW / Covington areas:
2 Hour Event, per Artist.............. $300
Each additional 1/2 hour................. $75
Renton / Issaquah / Tacoma / Puyallup areas:
2 Hour Event, per Arti....... $350-400
Each additional 1/2 hour................. $80
Large Event Speeds:
Here's an estimated amount of
Fast & Fun Designs possible per artist:
Face Painting .................. 45+ designs / hr
Glitter Tattoos ................ 40+ designs / hr
Balloon Twisting ............ 35+ designs / hr
Henna Art .......................... 20+ designs / hr

Want a Custom Package?

Custom options can be arranged, so
be sure to contact us for details!

Need a 2nd or 3rd Artist???

We love to collaborate with many talented
local artists, so if you want to plan ALL of your event's artists in one place, just contact us!

Exciting fun for
ALL occasions!

There's so many creative options to choose! From simple designs
to keep large crowds entertained, to complex transformation into your favorite character, or extra sparkles & fun at your birthday party, we have whatever you need for any size event - large or small!

Face Painting

Face painting always adds cheery festivity to every event! People love to gather around and watch a design appear, and kids love to transform before our very eyes!From simple FACE PAINT designs to keep large crowds busy, to creative custom all-over creations like Tigers, Unicorns, & Super Heros, there's always an awesome design waiting just for you!Birthday Celebrations, Bat mitzvas, Corporate & Company Events,
Client Appreciation Days, PTA & School Events, Children's Theatre,
Sport Fans, Festivals, Fundraisers, City & Community Events, and
Holiday Parties - FACE PAINTING is perfect for ALL events!

Balloon Twisting

Add BALLOON TWISTING to transform your event into a colorful, exciting and fun-filled event everyone will be talking about for days!
Plus, behind every twist and smile is an experienced balloon artist creating cool balloon designs to keep everyone entertained!
Or, have a huge custom BALLOON BOUQUET to share with party guests! It can be filled with your choice of swords, flowers, wands, candy canes, light sabers, and much more!

Glitter Tattoos

Looking for excitement that won't wash off the next day? These temporary glitter tattoos are your answer! GLITTER TATTOOS are
the hottest form of body art right now... even celebrities are loving the added sparkle on the red carpet!
GLITTER TATTOOS are sparkly, waterproof, dermatologist tested,
fun that can last up to 7 days, even when swimming or bathing! Throwing a pool party, beach party, or slumber party? There's a stencil for every occasion! Friends can coordinate matching designs, or use UV colors for an extra fun night out!

Natural Henna

Looking for excitement that will last even longer? NATURAL HENNA Tattoo designs are your answer! HENNA ART is a beautiful freehand form of delicate body art for many occasions. With many hand,
arm & shoulder designs, prenatal, or even your foot or leg, it's a gorgeous way to express yourself creatively!

Want More Info?!?

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Contact Options...

Artist......................Amy Jean, Owner
Phone.......................(253) 632-3263

Office Hours...

Sun - Thurs............. 8am - 10pm
Fri - Sat................... 8am - 11pm

Frequently Asked Questions...

What types of paints and products do you use?

Face & Body Paint
We use only the best professional water-based face paints and products in the market! My preferences are Mehron, Cameleon,
and DFX brand face paints, which are all safe, water-based,
non-toxic, FDA approved, cosmetic grade, and hypoallergenic paints. Face paint MSDS sheets are available upon request.
Glitter Tattoos
All mica powders, glitter gels, & loose glitters are high quality, cosmetic grade products.
Balloon Twisting
Our balloons are high quality and made primarily by Qualatex & Betallatex, however some may have latex in them. Please be sure
to let me know if a guest has an allergy before your event so
we can plan accordingly.
Natural Henna
Our henna paste is always custom mixed with a special recipe of high quality Jamila powder, fresh ingredients, and pure essential oils. This gives it a beautiful, vivid stain, & an amazing, natural fragrance.

Any tips to remove my design?

Face & Body Paint
Because these face paints are water-based, the best way is to simply wash however you would normally with just water & soap... even just a baby wipe does the trick! My personal favorite for all ages, is just a nice warm washcloth. However, this also means
that if it's raining, or your skin is damp or sweaty, you'll need to
be careful not to wipe or smear your design before you plan to!
Glitter Tattoos
With care, glitter tattoos can last 4-10 days, and will hold up
through regular bathing & showering if there is no harsh scrubbing of the area. Excessive rubbing will remove the glitter prematurely.
Glitter tattoos will usually just wear away in about a week, but if
you do need to remove it early just use lotion, baby / olive oil, or even rubbing alcohol and a cotton pad to wipe it off.

What about hygiene and safety concerns?

Face Painting & Glitter Tattoos
I always carry isopropyl alcohol, wipes, and hand sanitizer to continually keep everything clean. Brushes are washed and
sterilized between events, and all water, sponges, and brushes
are refreshed frequently. If someone has a runny nose, cough, or clearly apparent health issue, the design may need to be placed on the arm, (or service refused if necessary) for the safety of others.
Balloon Twisting
Balloons are great fun for many ages! However, they are NOT safe
for little ones who will put them in their mouths. Because of the danger of suffocation, it is recommended that caregivers do
NOT let kids play with un-inflated or broken balloons. If the balloon breaks, please collect the pieces of the broken balloon and
dispose out of reach of young children. Please note, we will not make balloons that are intended to be given to babies or infants.
Covid-Safety, Protocols, & Precautions
As we all know, the last few years have been unprecedented! As
a precaution, there was a LONG time that it seemed safest for everyone to pause my business. Fortunately, the CDC keeps us
up-to-date on current recommended safety protocols. While I'm super excited to be back at your events, please remember ALL events are subject to current CDC regulations & safety precautions, which may include potential last-minute cancellations if required.

How early can we book our event?

Weekends & Summer Events
Saturdays, holidays, & especially summer always tend to fill up
the quickest, so please try to plan ahead! If you know what day
your event will be, but the exact location or time is TBD - it's ok!
Go ahead and schedule it so you have priority for your date's
time slots. I typically have 3-5 events every weekend, so the
sooner you book your event, the better!
Holidays & Special Dates
There are some prime dates throughout the year that are highly popular and often book a year or more in advance - Halloween weekend, 4th of July, National Night Out, Holidays, etc. So if you
are planning this kind of event, please be sure to contact me
ASAP to check availability!
What if it's super late notice?
Even if you're just now planning a party & it's tomorrow, give me
a call anyways! You never know when random time slots will
actually be wide open - so it's always worth a try!